Marduino: Play Super Mario Bros with your feet

external image 8_bit_super_mario_bros_wallpaper.jpg



As shown in the image below, we have created a platform with pressure sensors and IR sensors to move Mario in Super Mario Bros.
The platform consists of 4 pressure sensors within the green pads to move left, right, and down. The red pad with the pressure sensor is to shoot a fireball once the flower is obtained. The IR sensors are right in front of the red pad on stands. These IR sensors are used to sense when a user jumps to simulate a jump event for Mario in the game. This jump causes Mario to jump straight up. Using the jumping and directionality together, can get jump right or left instead of straight up.
photo 2-1.JPG

Parts (shown in image below):

1 Arduino Leonardo
2 IR obstacle sensors
4 pressure sensors
4 1M ohm Resistors
1 Breadboard
And several connecting wires
1 Web Browser connected to a node.js server (
photo 1-1.JPG


Move Right
Move Left
Jump Up
Jump Right
Jump Left
Move Down
Shoot Fireball


IR sensor was a hassle initially because we used only one IR sensor. We noticed we needed a second IR sensor so that we can track both feet.
Overall, using your feet is not that responsive.

photo 3-1.JPG