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Cubify CubeX Trio


CNC Machine


ShopBot Desktop

We have a ShopBot Desktop in the HCIL Hackerspace, which is a small(er) size CNC Machine with a cutting volume of 24” x 18” x 3.5” (.61m x .46m x .089m) (assuming a 2" bit), a cutting speed of 4" per second (100mm/sec), and a resolution of 0.00025" (0.00635mm).

The ShopBot Desktop Tutorial Videos

Router Bits

We have the ShopBot Desktop 7-Piece Bit Kit, which includes

See also: this thread on TalkShopBot talking about bits.

Mounting Materials

The following documents describes methods for holding materials down on the ShopBot while milling:

Laser Cutter

The HCIL Hackerspace does not currently have a laser cutter because it requires a ventilation system, which we do not have access to with an internal lab built in the iSchool.