Your Wiki write-up should be about 5-7 paragraphs describing what you did, challenges you encountered and how you solved them, what you liked best about the assignment (and what could be improved in the future), etc. Your text doesn't have to be perfect--I'm more interested in your ideas. So, if you are optimizing: optimize for ideas per square inch rather than beautiful prose. As this is the first time we've used a Wiki to support a deliverable, I'm sure we'll iterate over the course of the semester.

Please include images and figures to support your prose. The more the merrier here as long as they don't end up being distracting (i.e., keep them small).

Include citations to inspirations or various sources that you derived from in your work. You must also link to your code on github. Make sure your code has comments and URLs to any code snippets you found online.

You must link to at least one video that you created to describe your project. The video should be embedded like: